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We rumbled off the freeway with a flat and
limped down to the end of the ramp where he was
selling bonsai.
He called them "Heaven and Earth
in one container."  You laughed and passed the compliment
along to me by buying one.
You haven't been heard from since,
and despite faithful watering the pruning
of its branches has been
painstakingly disregarded,
carefully ignored.
He told us bonsai have a way of taking on
the characteristics of the cultivator;
my plant is a harried, old woman.
I fear we are root-bound,
trapped in insubstantial earth,
pushing endlessly through infinitesimal grains of
soil toward the dead end.
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Remnants, Ode to a Lover
4.5 is a signifigant number for me; because 4.5 in this context equals one-thousand-fourty-two-point-five.  That, my dear, is far too many years contracted by days consisting of long hours to have dwelled and dreamed of thee.
          Why is it?  What is it?  In gods name how is it possible I have exhausted this tired heart on a total of 51 days spent with thyself?  I know not.
          I have loved you for very long.  Everyday the narrations have repeated like a skipped album, "How is he doing...?  Who is he doing...?  ...Why is he not doing it with me?..." and so fourth.  What a tired one-sided dialogue!  And to remember so vividly the remnants of an apparition.  It is true, I have been haunted.
          But stubborn soul has p
:iconstardreamer:stardreamer 1 1
Sheets Kept Clean
Your words are mega phoned
and pinned to my cork board
hard to ignore, even harder
to understand
Your words are framed bedside
along with pictures of family
members I have not spoken with
in years
I wonder how Uncle John is?
Lies, my mind quickly shifts
and I am back on my bed
between the sheets and you
Your actions are mega phoned
and pinned to my heart
that would be on my sleeve
if I were wearing clothes
:iconkeeplivin:KeepLivin 1 1
terror and trepidation :iconvanillaeis:VanillaEis 4 20 tisha :iconnoldot:noldot 1 3 my my my :iconaltai:altai 10 13
old lovers
are trouble
said the creeping, crawling
quite quite cold
but they smile, *             
and so nicely!
said nostalgia,
and she was
one-half right.
but forgiveness
is one thing
and acceptance another.
For I'll keep your
hands warm
but I can't offer your heart any true sustenance.
at least, not any further than the things I've already fed it.
* drift drift dream.youreyesarebrown. youreyesareblue.didyouforget?
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Dale William
Current Residence: Collegetown, Id.
Favourite genre of music: Rock And/Or Roll.
There are no sides by which to stand.  At one point I was a better person, so I am.  Corwin: where is my suicide note?  I ask from the shaking stick at moon rambling tremors.  Remember that only poetry isn't.  Can someone help me climb out of this?  Crusted flatware on my writing desk.  Tony: I've never been afraid of you, just that you might be right.  Or correct, rather: right from the right.  The next time I see a mirror I'm going to break down.  Every second is precipitous.  Only in the last few days have senile-precocious thoughts sewn my disasters together.  But communication isn't allowed and tragedy does not exist.  However, Madison saw through the farce.  Perhaps if I ever edited anything.  There is nothing worth working towards at this point.  I want to break down and hold someone.  I just want to hold someone or to be held.  Corwin: where is that letter I wrote you?  I love our truck stop memories and you too nameless.  I'm so terribly sad.  Is this the life I chose?  I'm not going to lie: I have nothing to be sad for.  Who followed me to the top rung?  Corwin:  I need those shoes back.   
  • Listening to: Fennesz, O'Rourke, Rehberg


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